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Twas the night before Retro...

A Few really thought
It couldnt be done
Open a store
Thats nothing but fun
A lot of old stuff was taken in trade
And saved from the trash
and the trucks heavy blade
Nintendo and Sega came in by the bin full
To throw this stuff out would be "Oh so sinful"
Not much thought went into the name
Clint Eastwoods Sudden Impact
Popped into my brain
Some days in the begining
Were kinda slow
Looks like back in the car business
Dommy would go
But all of a Sudden Word got around
Theres a New store in Winthrop
That I just found
Close to the metro
Theres sonic and tails
Bursting at the seams
With hard to find retro
A true gamers dreams
So pack up
and lets go
Many people travel
From near and far
They come by the T
And they come here by car
So this holiday season
All the thanx to be had
Are to all the great customers
Who prove that retro
Is not just a fad
Thanx to all
and the "oh my gods"
when stepping in for the first time
with happy nods
Seeing the games
From when you were nine
Brings back a care free
Happier time
And to all the folks
Who drive many miles
I will do what I can
So you All leave with smiles

Poem by Dom Cerulli 2013